Rules & Regulations

All persons attending the Commonwealth Classic whether as spectators, competitors, officials, or guests of the Organizer, shall be bound by the National Dance Council of America, Inc. rules, and by participating in this event agree to adhere to them. No responsibility for loss or theft in changing rooms, ballroom or hotel rooms shall be accepted by the Organizer,
Pemberton Productions, LLC, Tom & Denna Saidnawey or by their employees, affiliates, associates, assigns or by the NDCA, Inc., nor shall they be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending this event. Everyone attending does so at his or her own risk. All persons acknowledge that by participating in the Commonwealth Classic they are at the same time, consenting to photography, videotaping and/or filming of the event. Everyone must sign a General Release Form.
In all categories and events, the Organizer reserves the right to combine, merge or cancel any events with less than 3 entries.
A teacher will not be permitted to compete with one of his/her students against another of his/her students in the same style, dance, level, and age category.
All persons attending the Commonwealth Classic are obliged to adhere to the “Official Rules” set forth by the National Dance Council of America, Inc. (NDCA), which cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury sustained.
The On Deck System will be used in all events. Competitors need to be in the ballroom at least ½ hour before your event.
Competitors (Adults, Juniors, & Youth) dancing in syllabus events may only dance Bronze, Silver, or Gold Syllabus from the approved Syllabi of member organizations of the NDCA as well as the NDCA syllabus.
All Closed Syllabus Events will be invigilated using the current NDCA list of elements and restrictions. Penalties may be given without warning for any syllabus infractions.


For each Scholarship a student enters, he/she must dance the same dances in single dance events. The organizer reserves the right to cancel Scholarship events if there are less than 3 couples. In events with less than 3 couples, ½ of the prize money will be paid. In events with less than 3 couples, ½ of the prize money will be paid.
Dress Code for Amateur Adults – Costumes may be worn in Novice divisions but are not required. For Juniors & Youth dress code is in accordance with NDCA regulations. Go to for specifics.
All Amateur Couples or Professionals dancing in Pro/Am or Professional competitions must be registered with the NDCA.
For more information or to register go to or contact the NDCA Registrar, Ms. Eleanor Wiblin. Phone: (801) 378-8124.
All successful professionals will be required to present a Social Security card and updated address before monies can be

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Only WRITTEN requests for refunds will be honored until October 23, 2017. A $75 processing charge per person will be
applied to all refunds. No refunds will be given after this date. All refunds will be made thirty (30) days after the
Acts of God, war, strikes, government regulations, disasters, civil unrest, labor disputes, transportation availability,
shortage of materials or any other emergency making it inadvisable or impossible to provide the facility and/or services
associated with the production of a ballroom dance event do not pose a refund situation.
All payments made after the entry deadline, October 13, 2017 must be in the form of a Cashier’s check, money order, or
cash. No business or personal checks will be accepted after this date or at the competition. Make checks payable to the
Commonwealth Classic. Studio entries should be in the form of one payment with all the entry forms and be either ONE
certified check, money order, or studio check.


No video taping or filming will be permitted. A professional company will be available to video tape your dancing. Tapes
will be available for purchase.
For the SUNDAY SESSIONS ONLY for the Juniors & Youth, video taping WILL BE ALLOWED